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We are honored that you are here!

We believe that planning the most important day of your life should be a fun and stress-free process and that your wedding should be a memorable day that represents you as a couple and your traditions!

We specialize in the modern & fun couple that wants to incorporate important traditional elements from their culture into their wedding with a modern twist. Those small details are the ones that will make your wedding unique and meaningful. It is important for us to serve and help other couples that are first or second-generation because we understand and appreciate what it is like to protect your culture and to share it with others.

We have been planning beautiful and successful events since 2010, and we hope to do the same for yours! 

Meet Karla

Founder & Chief Latina Wedding Planner

She was born and raised in Caracas - Venezuela, but she’s also half Costa Rican from her mom’s side.

Karla has a bachelor’s degree in computer science and also a graduate certificate from UCLA Extension in Business and Marketing. In 2010, at her former full-time job, she realized that she really enjoyed planning events and found it especially gratifying to see all the students happy and having fun at each event even though they were away from home.

Since 2015, she has been fortunate enough to help hundreds of couples bring their dreams to life and be the witness to a once-in-a-lifetime moment. She loves to see all her favorite things in one room: Love, family togetherness, cultures & traditions when it comes to weddings.

In her free time she likes going to the beach, she really enjoys the aroma of the ocean and listening to the waves, “It’s so relaxing!” she says. She also loves going out with her friends and finding new restaurants in L.A. Traveling is a must when time allows it, especially to visit her family.

  • She loves baseball

  • She adopted 2 cats even though she knew I was allergic

  • Her favorite flowers are ranunculus, tulips and dahlias

  • She has a cat named Mia

  • She loves horses (and unicorns) 

  • Her favorite color is red and her favorite flower the  red and white hibiscus

Meet Noelia

Lead Event Coordinator

Noelia was born and raised in Madrid, Spain, very, very close to all her family. She says that she basically has 4 moms (her aunts and her mom) and 8 brothers and sisters (counting her cousins).

Noelia loves anything that involves social interaction and celebrations. She says "I LOOOOVE birthdays, but more so when it is a celebration of Love (I am a hopeless romantic Taurus)." She fell even more in love with weddings when I saw her dear friend Karla managing one. She imagined the joy that you must get making such an unforgettable day possible.

Noelia has a major in Education with a minor in Physical Education. As a Latina, in love with her language, she also has a degree in teaching Spanish as a second language.


One of Noelia's biggest passions is dancing. All the free time that she has is devoted to training in different styles as well as social dancing. Latin dances are her favorite!  Also, she takes care of her Online Spanish School creating personalized materials and activities for her students.

Meet Ariana

Event Coordinator

Ari was born and raised in Santa Barbara, CA with her mom & dad along with her two younger brothers. She is a proud Latina, first-generation Mexican - American!


She started planning events when she was 17 and loved every part: the design processes, meeting vendors, and the challenge of making crazy themes come to life all from the get-go. 


Anyone who knows her knows that she adores celebrating people. Looking back she knew she would love planning weddings before she even planned one. At 20 years old when she got a phone call with a job offer to plan her first wedding she was JUMPING with joy.


She feels she's right where she is supposed to be when she is focused on attention to detail and reaching for the highest level of creativity to make a day magical for a couple. 


Ari has  a bachelor's in education and Spanish with a minor in entrepreneurship.


If trying new coffee shops count as a hobby, that is one of hers for sure! Traveling is a huge passion of hers. Any place she visits, you can find her at their local coffee shop or restaurants.

  • Her absolute favorite season is summer

  • Shark cage diving is on her bucket list

  • Her favorite flowers are ranunculus, spring roses & bougainvilleas

  • She is a major Harry Styles fan and has seen him live 5 times

  • She loves visiting national parks and going hiking

  • Her favorite color is yellow because it reminds her of her favorite flowers, sunflowers

Meet Karen

Event Coordinator

Karen was born in Los Angeles and grew up in the city of Downey. Also, she is a proud first-generation Mexican-American!

She graduated with a Communication Degree in 2020 from CSU - Long Beach, and she fell in love with weddings after attending her sister’s wedding in 2019. Seeing tall the behind the scenes of planning a wedding really made her fall in love with the process. She says "It’s an amazing feeling to help contribute to one of the happiest days of a couple's life."

In her free time, Karen enjoys working out, going to the beach, and practicing new nail designs.

Meet Katherina

Admin & Event Planning Assistant

Kat was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, but she is also half Costa Rican.


She is a publicist and worked in TV & Movie Production for many years in Venezuela. She fell in love with weddings when she got involved with flower design last year and now that is also her side hustle. 


In her free time, she likes going to the beach and spending time with friends and family.

  • She lived Salzburg, Austria for 3 years

  • She has a cat named Minas

  • Her favorite flower is the Anemone

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