How Much Should I Tip My Wedding Vendors?

You know you should tip at a restaurant, the guy that delivered your pizza, at your hair salon, and even your Uber driver, but should you tip vendors at your wedding?

In reality, some wedding pros will expect a gratuity, and other gratuities will need to be considered on a case-by-case basis.
You should take a look at your vendors’ contracts to see if gratuity is included since some of them might.

Tip those who offer exceptional service, assign a trusted person such as your wedding planner / coordinator, a parent or wedding party member the responsibility of handing them out.
We did some research and here are some suggestions of what is suggested for tipping each vendor.

Please note this might vary by state and country.

Required Categories:

Transportation: $10 - $50
Often companies are building-in tips so always double check.

Hair & Make up: $50 - $100 per artist or 18-20%
Based on the level of service and experience.

Servers & Bartenders: $20-$100 per server and bartender depending on the hour and difficulty of the event.
Don't forget the chefs and kitchen staff if you would like to include them.

Please note that a service fee is not gratuity.

Optional Categories:

The remaining gratuities are up to your discretion.

Photo: $100 - $500
Video: $100 - $500
Planner: $100 - $500
DJ: $50 - $100
Band: $20 - $50 for each member
Officiant: $50 - $100
Other vendors: $20 - $50 each

Of course this can all add up, so remember there are a few gestures that your team of wedding vendors will highly appreciate. A nice review, a handwritten thank-you note or a referral are great ways to show appreciation.

Written by Karla Solórzano.
Lead Planner - Kiss & Say I Do Events.

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