Heidi & Danny

A Love Story That Started With Coffee

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Heidi & Danny


I have no clue what we would have done if we didn't have Karla! It's actually scary to think about it!!! Karla went above her expectations as our wedding coordinator. She was so friendly and was so good at reminding us of some of the essential details that my husband and I had not even planned or thought about! On the day of my wedding, I showed up and our venue was decorated as we had explained to her, thanks to her! My husband and I were incredibly happy and distracted on our big day that we had no idea of what came next but she would come up and tell us what was coming next because it was "7:00pm" (basically we were NOT thinking about the time ahahaha so thanks to her she kept us on schedule of things since we were just floating in the air)! But I have to add, my favorite, and miracle thing that to this day I have NO CLUE how she did it, was when we had to cut the cake and I needed my lipstick! So I told her, "Oh no I left my lipstick in the bride room!" and she told me, "I'll get it, what color is it?" and I told her the color but all the other bridesmaids, some aunts had their makeup spilled all over the vanity in the bride room so I panicked "what if she doesn't grab the right one?!" however, she sneaks up behind me right before we cut the cake, and hands me MY lipstick! I was actually in shock! No clue how she knew! I'm telling you, there must have been like 20 lipsticks out! Karla is superwoman! She not only organized our day and planned it as we imagined it, but also was kind and generous. She was always available and responded very quickly! Karla, you are the best wedding coordinator! Thank youuuuuu!

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