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Postponing Versus Cancelling Your Wedding Due To COVID-19

In the midst of the global pandemic, we have all been faced with a litany of tough choices. There are the day to day decisions, such as when and where to go out or the best time to go grocery shopping, as well as the grander scale ones. That is why a group of professional planners got together to write this Planner Power Perspective Blog Series to give couples a full wedding perspective of what you can do in light of COVID-19. The decision to cancel or postpone your 2020 wedding has been a huge choice for so many couples out there and is certainly not one that is done lightly. Now, the question is , should you postpone your wedding or cancel it altogether? Either way, we know this a very stressful and overwhelming decision to make, so try to take it one step at a time and consider the following with your fiancé:

Define what is most important for you, do you still want to host your 150-guest wedding? Does an intimate, more intentional celebration sound like a better option now? Do you have family traveling from abroad? Do you want to cancel and Elope?

It is important to put all the possible options on the table and whatever you two choose, make sure that the most important people in your life can still attend. We recommend checking the contracts you signed to see if there is any statements about postponement or cancellation policies. Doing this before contacting your vendors will save time and hopefully answer questions you have.

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You Decided To Cancel For those of you who have decided cancelling may be the best option then take into consideration that getting a refund will vary depending on each vendor and their contract’s policies. Keep in mind that your initial payments or retainers will typically be non-refundable and the main reason is because as vendors we reserve that date on our calendars to work with you instead of taking on another client to work with. This is called “opportunity cost”.

You Decided to Postpone For those of you who have postponed your weddings to protect your families and guests, we commend you, and want to tell you that the events community has your back and is ready to help you move forward. Now that you have made the decision, follow these steps and you’ll be back on track with a new wedding date in no time.

  1. Your first task is to notify your vendors that you have decided to postpone and make sure you continue the dialogue with them. If you have a planner, they will handle this task for you, but if you’re going solo or maybe have a month of planner, definitely start here. You will want to ensure all your vendors are available for your new date to avoid any hiccups, especially since you most likely left deposits for them already and do not want to have to scramble.

  2. Once you have secured your new date and signed new amendments with vendors, move on to your guests. There are many ways to notify them, such as a cute new Save the Date card or an Evite. Whatever way works best for you to circulate that new date, go for it!

  3. Look over your remaining to-do list items. What do you have left? For any in-person appointments, make sure to arrange them according to your new date. Your timeline from here on out will be very similar to your original wedding timeline, just readjusting for the new date. New invitations should still be sent out 4-5 months in advance to your new date. The due date for your RSVP will still be about 45 days prior to your new wedding date to ensure you have plenty of time to follow up with guests. This gives you time to begin your seating chart and give final counts to your florist and caterer.

  4. Most importantly, I want to reiterate that it is OKAY to take a break. If you need to pause in between all the prior planning you did for your original date and adjusting for your postponement, do it! You will have plenty of time to get everything done and taking care of yourself is crucial. This ensures you’ll have time to recharge amidst all the stress and get excited again for your wedding.

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