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Ever wonder the cost of a wedding in Los Angeles, CA?

Finally, the day you've been dreaming of is here—your wedding day. After years of anticipation, you find yourself immersed in the planning process, gathering inspiration from magazines and Pinterest boards. However, amidst the excitement, it's crucial to address the often-overlooked aspect: your wedding budget. As the most elaborate event you've ever planned, a wedding can quickly accumulate expenses. Setting a realistic budget early on ensures you stay comfortable throughout the process and prevents you from becoming "wedding broke." Don’t worry we’re here to help, we’ve broken down the costs of key wedding expenses in Los Angeles, CA while shedding light on unexpected budget items.

Photos by Lily Tapia

Before delving into the specifics, it's essential to have conversations with your partner and anyone contributing financially to your big day. Consider the following points:

  • Identify your top three priorities for the wedding day, highlighting any non-negotiables. Recognize that knowing your priorities and non-negotiables will guide your budget allocation, allowing you to invest more in specific areas if desired.

  • Determine who will be contributing financially and clarify their responsibilities. Traditionally, one partner assumes the majority of expenses, while the other covers specific items like the bouquet, officiant fees, rehearsal dinner, and the marriage license. Openly discuss these financial aspects to shape your overall wedding budget.

Photos by Lily Tapia

Let's now explore the breakdown of the main wedding expenses for a wedding we planned of 120 guests in Los Angeles, CA (2022). This will provide a clearer understanding of what to expect financially.





Food & Beverage


Hair & Makeup








Entertainment (Photo Booth + Performer)




Wedding Planner








Photos by Lily Tapia

Now that we’ve covered the budget breakdown of common wedding expenses lets go over some of the often-forgotten items that can impact your budget:

  1. Getting ready space: Consider booking a room for the night before the wedding to ensure early access or extend the rental hours of your venue to accommodate hair and makeup preparations.

  2. Additional beauty needs: Include expenses for hair and makeup trials, waxing, tanning, skincare treatments, and other pre-wedding grooming requirements.

  3. Ceremony sound equipment: Factor in the cost of renting or setting up sound equipment to ensure clear audio during your ceremony, most of the times the DJ can cover this.

  4. Shipping and postage for stationery: Unique stationery elements, such as oversized envelopes, unconventional invitations, or vintage stamps, can contribute to added expenses.

  5. Welcome bag fees: Some hotels charge an average fee of $5 per bag to distribute or deliver welcome gifts to your hotel guests.

  6. Late night/after-hour charges: Rental companies and sometimes florists may apply additional fees for picking up and dismantling rented items beyond regular work hours.

Photos by Lily Tapia

Remember, careful budgeting and considering these often-overlooked expenses will help you maintain financial stability throughout your wedding planning journey. By addressing these factors, you'll be better prepared to create a memorable celebration without the worry of exceeding your budget.

Thanks for reading!

*Note: to protect the privacy of our couples we did not use photos of the 120 guest wedding used in the budget breakdown.*

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