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What Sets Apart a Wedding Planner and a Venue Coordinator?

Planning your dream wedding involves understanding the distinctions between a wedding planner and a venue coordinator. While they may seem similar, these roles differ in their responsibilities leading up to and during the wedding day. Although specific duties can vary based on the package you choose, let's explore the main contrasts between a wedding planner and a venue coordinator.

A wedding planner, bride, and groom smiling

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The Wedding Planning Journey

Wedding planners work closely with couples to ensure a seamless day. They assist in creating a realistic budget and provide in-depth guidance when securing vendors. When it comes to choosing vendors, wedding planners attend meetings, review contracts, and ensure that all the details align with your vision.

On the other hand, a venue coordinator might provide you with a list of approved or recommended vendors for you to research independently. While having a list of potential vendors is helpful, it requires more effort on your part to determine if they fit within your budget and are available for your wedding date.

Ultimately, a wedding planner collaborates with couples to bring their dream wedding to life, maintaining regular communication, while a venue coordinator offers more general guidance and support related specifically to the venue.

A wedding planner, bride, and groom looking excited for their big day

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The Wedding Day

On the wedding day itself, wedding planners prioritize the desires and needs of the couple, while venue coordinators focus primarily on the property. It's essential to remember that your contract is with the venue and not the venue coordinator. As a result, their main focus is on the venue itself rather than on you as a couple.

The Wedding Ceremony

If included in your package, wedding planners attend and direct your off-site wedding ceremony, and typically oversee and direct your wedding rehearsal. On the other hand, the venue coordinator is not responsible for off-site ceremonies.

A wedding planner organizing a wedding tablescape

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The Wedding Reception

During the wedding reception, wedding planners ensure that the couple remains happy and well-informed about the day's events. They take care of setting up personal items like the guest book and special toasting flutes. They pack everything up at the end of the night, including gifts and cards, for safekeeping. Throughout the reception, wedding planners keep things on track, such as wedding party introductions, toasts, cake cutting, and the bouquet toss.

Having a wedding planner allows the venue coordinator to focus on the more logistical aspects of the day, such as parking, restrooms, power, and the setup of tables and chairs (if included). Additionally, they oversee house catering and bar services, as well as staffing if it's provided in-house. While the venue coordinator could potentially depart right after dinner, the wedding planner remains throughout the entirety of the event and stays to cleanup.

A wedding planner and venue coordinator are both essential to your big day but their key difference is their relationship with you, the couple. A wedding planner prioritizes meeting your desires and needs, while a venue coordinator concentrates on maintaining and representing the venue itself. While they may have different roles, wedding planners and venue coordinators are the perfect team as they work together to make sure your dream wedding comes to life!

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